Whether you are a full-time blogger and your livelihood depends on your blogging income or you simply blog in your spare time, I know first hand how time-consuming blogging is and how much work and effort goes into being consistent and growing your online platform. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve never met a blogger that isn’t constantly busy.

So, when the overwhelm of daily to-do lists threatens to take over, do you find time to care for yourself? Because I have a few self-care tips for busy bloggers that you might want to try out!

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Online quizzes are a great way to interact with your audience, find out more about them and nurture the connection you’re trying to build. A well-built quiz can help you segment your list and create a stronger email marketing strategy for the future. And, as a plus, your readers will have loads of fun taking them!

Today’s post is going to show you exactly how I create my quizzes and segment my list based on the results, so I can send more target emails in the future. You can use the same strategy to grow your email list and build a relationship with your subscribers from the start.

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Exactly one year ago, on September 1st 2016, I launched The She Approach and shyly announced it to the world. To be frank, I have no idea what I was hoping to achieve with my blog, but now, that goal is clearer than ever: I want to encourage and empower women to start and grow their blogs, use their platforms proudly and even earn an income from something they love doing! 

To mark the one year anniversary of my blog, I am hosting this exciting giveaway in collaboration with some of my favorite bloggers and companies to bring three lucky winners $2000 worth of digital goods, subscriptions, and tools (each) that they can use to grow their own blogs and online businesses.

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Are you at a point in your blogging journey where you’ve build an audience and you’re ready to monetize? If you’re looking for new ideas on how to make money blogging, this post will show you three ways that bloggers can make money with Send Owl by leveraging affiliate marketing.

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Whenever somebody asks me what advice I would give to new bloggers, I always say that they should get started with Pinterest! I haven’t come across a better platform to promote your blog, grow your traffic and attract your target audience that requires so little effort as Pinterest.

The truth is that once you set everything up, you can let it run on autopilot, but getting started with your account can be confusing. So here is a guide for new bloggers that want to know how to get started with Pinterest.

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That time where you could blog for free and do it properly is now way gone. In 2017, if you want a professional looking website, quality photographs and a chance to actually grow your blog’s following (and perhaps even make an income blogging), you have to invest in it. But there are ways to save money as a blogger.

With so many shiny things out there that your blog could need, it’s hard to know when to stop or what you can actually benefit from. If you feel like you’re spending too much money on your blog, this post is for you!

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Finding the perfect opt-in to convert visitors into emails subscribers can be hard! And working on a freebie to only have 10 people sign-up for it can be disappointing. This post will walk you through how to create a free email course in Mailerlite and grow your email list exponentially in a matter of days!

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Are you considering starting a VA business and selling your time, services and expertise while working from the comfort of your own home? In 2017, that’s more than possible and can easily become profitable

Yolanda Crowley, was an executive assistant for 16 years before starting her own Virtual Assistant Business and I am beyond thrilled to have her share her expertise in this industry in this guest post.

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I have been blogging for less than a year, and once I overcame the common struggles of setting up my website and creating content consistently, I started to face a whole new problem: getting people to read my blog.

The more I emerged myself in the blogging community, the more stigma towards caring about page views and numbers came to surface. So this blog post addresses why it’s ok to care about improving your page views. Continue Reading

Whenever you check the income reports of big bloggers out there to find out how they make money, affiliate marketing is always on the list. So here I was, a new and impressionable blogger thinking I could score hundreds of dollars a month from something I didn’t quite understand.

This is a story of my first affiliate marketing fail that got me exactly $7.60  in my first 4 months of blogging, as requested by my lovely Twitter followers.

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